Austin Ryan Cook

Music Director - Musician - Actor - Technician


The legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. (Austin & Lee Ferris)

The legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. (Austin & Lee Ferris)

         Although normally serving as a music director for live theater and shows, the opportunity sometimes arrives for Austin to produce an album in the studio. Since 2013, Austin has produced and played on 4 records recorded across the United States. John Michael Presney's Nighttime & The Dawn was recorded in Slash's recording studio ("The Cave") in the basement of Billy Bob Thornton's residence in Hollywood, CA. Austin collaborated with legendary engineer J.D. Andrews (The Rolling Stones, Kanye West) on this 'urban edge combined with country soul' record. Billy Woodward's The Beast In Me was the brainchild of Austin & Billy's collaboration on tour with Million Dollar Quartet. The 2014 Independent Music Award winning record was recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. Austin collaborated with the masterful Matt Ross-Spang, who has restored the studio to its former glory - recording the entire session analog. A full-length record is now in production between Cook & Woodward expected for debut in 2016. Last, 2 Christmas records were recorded at Cook's home studio in Chicago, IL & in numerous studios on tour. The albums were recorded as a nostalgic look at "old-time" Christmas albums. They contain jazz, rockabilly & country styles. Various musicians across the United States performed on the albums, including Billy Bob Shaffer, David Sonneborn, Lee Ferris, Michael Mahler, Matthew Brumlow, John Foley & more! If you would like to collaborate with Austin or learn more about his producing projects, please visit the 'Contact' link above and send a message! 

Produced Albums CD Covers.gif

Happy Holidays Vol I - American Blues Theater 2014. Austin Cook Producer.

Christmas Favorites Volume I - The Yuleberrys and Friends 2013. Austin Cook Producer.

The Beast in Me - Billy Woodward 2014. Austin Cook Producer.

The Nighttime & the Dawn - John Michael Presney 2013. Austin Cook Producer.

"My Home is No Longer" (single) - Lee Ferris 2013. Austin Cook Producer.

"Do They Know It's Christmas" (music video) - MDQ 1st National Tour 2013. Austin Cook Producer.