Austin Ryan Cook

Music Director - Musician - Actor - Technician


        Most pianists are not able to call themselves a piano technician, but Austin has been a working piano tuner & technician for the last 4 years. In 2012, he began the 1st National Tour of Million Dollar Quartet. As rehearsals got underway, it began quickly evident that the 2 Baldwin Acrosonics were not going to last long without weekly maintenance. Jerry Lee Lewis was definitely not known for his sweet caress of the keys. Austin quickly began work on the pianos, working on the action, restringing & regular tuning. He continued his work throughout the next year. When it was time for the next years tour to depart, MDQ decided they would need 2 new pianos to use for the production. Austin quickly purchase twin Acrosonics and restored them to optimum rockabilly piano playability. Currently, he tunes & maintains pianos in Chicago, IL. If you are in need of someone to tune, repair or assess your piano at home or work, Austin is able to meet all of your piano maintenance needs!

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